Renaissance Partners Group, Incorporated in 2017 aims to bring the exquisite taste of Japanese cuisine to Singapore. Sourcing only for the finest, we partnered with selective suppliers from all over Japan, you can expect to find unique specialty produce freshly imported for our restaurants. Renaissance Partners Group has 3 outlets, Unagiya Ichinoji, Ken Japanese Restaurant and Una Una (VivoCity); we're committed to deliver 'The perfect taste with the finest ingredients' for all our restaurants.
"Good charcoal grilled unagi is attributed to the Japanese head chefs’ excellent grilling techniques, temperature control of the charcoal grill and special inhouse tare (sweet basting sauce) whose recipe has been passed down for four generations. 
At Unagiya Ichinoji, the eels are prepared using the same original method as in Japan, which is first steamed then grilled. Hitsumabushi is Nagoya’s style of enjoying freshwater eel, and there are three ways to eat it. First, divide the bowl into four portions. Enjoy the first portion on its own and relish the eel’s depth of flavour. Then, for the second portion, add nori (seaweed), wasabi and green onion to the Hokkaido rice and eel. For the third portion, add the clear dashi to the abovementioned mix." 
At Ken Japanese Restaurant, the chef takes charge by serving up a feast for your senses with the freshest imports direct from Japan, complete with contemporary Japanese style interior for the best dining experience.

Helmed by Prize-winning Head Chef Ryo Endo who honed his skills for 10 years in Miyajima and Hiroshima, achieving top places in the washoku competitions. Expect to find the finest sushi & omakase experience for your most important guests.
Una Una prides itself on doling out flavourful and nutritious eels. Revel in delight as you watch its unagi chefs cook up your favourite unagi cuisines over charcoal grill. Slathered with an in-house sweet and savoury tare and grilled over hot charcoal, the unagi at Una Una boasts a crispy exterior and soft and tender interior boosting a fragrant smoky aroma. Savour unagi in different styles, or pair them with your favourite sake at Una Una.